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On March 9th, Venus in Pisces makes an exact square (90 degree angle) to the North Node (Retrograde) in Gemini. We will feel this energy become available to us on March 6th and it will fade out of reception by March 13th.

This energy signature supports growth and harmony with self but it does this through conflict and creating stressful situations that test your limits. This can be as simple realizing the lack of freedom you feel with your partner is due to the fact that you feel obligated to stay when it is no longer in resonance.

There is a tendency with this energy to relax into comfort based routines and habits even if some of them don’t represent self-love and acceptance. Venus wants you to enjoy life and take it easy and this can manifest in being overly obsessed with a relationship that you have been gradually uninterested in over time because the “sameness” is easy and you are ignoring the call of

It can also bring you soul connections that are specifically set up to activate vibrations and fulfill soul contracts that are ultimately in the highest good of the soul.

All in all, this week should be about taking it easy and with all this Pisces and Neptune energy at play, you have a chance to escape and transcend the need for a purpose to justify your existence. You can just be and just love you being you.

Whatever happens, major growth is the result of this stressful situation and sometimes you have to make sure you’re walking your path and not their’s.

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