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Jupiter in Aries 2022-2023 | The AstroMedium

On December 20th, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, optimism and expansion leaves its ruling sign of Pisces finally and makes an explosive re-entry into Aries!

Jupiter spent nearly half of 2022 in the cardinal fire sign and, due to its retrograde, dipped its toes back into Pisces in late October.

Although we may not have been seeing the world through the eyes of realism while Jupiter moved through the mystical water sign, this Piscean energy signature supported us in dreaming big and believing that anything is possible!

Your faith in your connection to your divine higher mind was restored and you may have notice yourself not sure what to believe in but feeling a stronger pull toward cultivating spiritual practices and beliefs. However, this energy can be ungrounding and not all of our ethereal dreams are able to materialize without a point of focus.

Enter: ARIES!

As Jupiter re-enters the first sign of the zodiac we will feel the return of our new found sense of self-confidence as new beginnings give way to aligned action as our higher perspective shifts into our ego!

This transit will remind us that, although the ego can play tricks and separate us from everything outside of ourselves, this boost in self-focus will allow all the inspirations and downloads that came in during Jupiter's journey through Pisces to anchor into physical reality where action meets purpose.

Jupiter will not enter Pisces again until 2033 and will traverse the fiery war zone of Aries until May of 2023 so while you may notice more aggression and an increase in masculine energy being displayed in the world, this combustive force will assist you in believing in yourself whole heartedly, pushing past obstacles and giving you energy to not stop until what you want is your's.

And with that said, Jupiter is one of main the planetary bodies to work with when manifesting and over the next few months you may come to realize that in reality, what you're wanting is already your's.

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