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Chrystopher Hancock

manifestor, initiator and an authority in the world of consciousness on ascension and spiritual awakening.  As a Chironic Healer, I am an evidential medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient & psychic empath with a passion for astrology and plant spirit medicine. I use your astrological + human design blueprints as multi-dimensional maps to help you navigate your life experience with more compassion and understanding while gaining access to your personal destiny and tapping into your unique spiritual gifts. I can connect to loved ones whether they've left the physical body or not to help me understand whats going on in your inner world and to provide closure when needed as well as receiving guidance from higher dimensional beings from other star systems to reactivate your starseed mission and connect you to your purpose. I then turn to shamanic practices, multiple forms of energy medicine such as Siwa Murti Healing and sacred plant spirits to heal, rewire and reactivate the entire energetic matrix down to a DNA level. As a living embodiment of Chiron (the archetypal "wounded healer"), I'm a light worker as well as a shadow worker here to assist you in bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical dimensions, your mind and your heart and your present self and your highest potential. Much love to you.

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upcoming events

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We will come together in community to release + manifest under this powerful energy while we connect + take in the spirit of cacao. This 3-hour ceremony includes guided meditations, sound bath, shamanic drumming, breathwork, Siwa Murti, reiki healing + body work. Each participant gets one-on-one attention.

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Heart of Cacao

A Multi-Level Healing Experience

December 10th

2pm - 5pm

a deeper collective

27 oak street

roswell, ga 30075

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Blue Lotus Spirit

A Heart-Activating Day Retreat

Come spend the day with us at StarDust Retreat Center for a magical experience you will never forget. Adhering to traditional Egyptian ritual practices, this heart-activating day retreat involves guided group meditations, breathwork exercises, reconnection with nature on our beautiful property, networking with our community of high-vibe lightworkers & business owners all while working with the highest quality plant spirit medicines available.

December 9th

1pm - 9pm


stardust retreat center

cartersville, ga




This reading encompasses many services I offer in one. I will receive as much information from spirit, your loved ones who have passed and psychically as possible and then will take a quick look at your natal chart and transits to bring clarity to the information that was received. I will let spirit take the wheel and show me what's most important to you at this time and will use astrological data and transits to show us timing and give us insight into WHY these energies are present for you now.

Check out all of my service options by clicking the link below!

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Chironic Healing is the activation of your own inner healer and divine blueprint. This multi-dimensional energy healing and consciousness rewiring experience blends together the repatterning effects of breathwork, sonic frequencies + bodywork with power of energy healing, shamanic journeying and sacred plant medicine. Prepare to embark on a journey of deep, inner healing as you open your heart, heal trauma, reconnect with your body and step into your purpose.

Check out all of my service options by clicking the link below!


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"When the planets reach the particular geometric position (relative to earth) that is the same as the birth time, there is a reactivation of the same magnetic pattern in the resonating chakra, causing a cascading energy transfer from the astral to the etheric, down to the physical body."

Dr. Richard S. Gerber


I have never believed in mediums & psychics, everyone who knows me knows this.  The more you kept talking the more I kept thinking of a dear friend.  You quickly started giving me very detailed information of her looks, of the age she died, her daughter, and a guilt that I had been carrying.  You even gave me numbers which were her age when she was murdered and the date that she passed which is also my daughter's birthday!  And when you mentioned her chest, I knew it was her.  Chrystopher, you changed my life that night in just a few minutes.  I never imagined that I would receive such a special gift.  Thank you!

Reggi W. (Louisville, KY)

Ever since I started having readings with you and coming to retreats, my life has completely changed. I've come off several medications PERMANENTLY and I for real haven't felt this good since I was young. I appreciate you so much and the healing you have given me, I tell all my friends about you and I will definitely be doing a retreat again. Thank you again, for real!

Grace W. (Los Angeles, CA)