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1212 Portal Opening 2022 (The AstroMedium)

On December 12th, the 1212 portal opens and this multi-dimensional energy influx is quite unique and should not be underestimated.

Many of you have asked why in the world a portal would open on a day just like any other day especially since the calendar is a man-made construct anyway and you all absolutely have a point!

However, these portals are not only very real, they are prime examples of the power that we as a collective consciousness have to download new energies into our collective energy field through thought and focus alone.

1212 is a master number and an ascension code known in Merkabah Mysticism as the code that activates the merkaba. This is the star tetrahedron shaped energy field around our bodies the Egyptians called the Mer (light) ka (soul) ba (body) and when this is activated, we are more in alignment with unity consciousness.

Which is the essence of the, so called, "5D

consciousness" that you've been hearing about in spiritual communities for so long.

With one pyramid facing down known as the earth tetrahedron + the other facing up know as the heavenly tetrahedron, we are connected to the physical + the non-physical simultaneously as they oscillate + spin in opposing directions creating a force field, if you will, that allows for inter-dimensional travel.

Sound too sci-fi for you? It was for me at first too. But upon further research this is just sacred geometry being expressed in our energy vessels.

The synchronicities are getting stronger around this time such as seeing 12:12 on the clock and how incredible it is that this portal occurs when Chiron, the asteroid known as the “wounded healer” which represents our collective traumas, wounds & healing crises would be sitting at 12 degrees Aries, exactly. This brings a healing AND triggering energy to this portal opening.

Are you seeing 12:12? Let me know!

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