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Lemon Tek - The Latest Magic Mushroom Trend | The AstroMedium

Have you heard of Lemon Tek? One of the trendiest methods of ingesting plant spirit mushrooms is gaining popularity in the psilonaut community and it is NOT for beginners.

But before you read any further, I want to preface this post by saying, if you are planning to acquire mushrooms and macrodose with friends and go to a concert or party… DO NOT READ THIS POST. If you are planning to macrodose by yourself or without a shaman, therapist, sitter or healer, DO NOT READ THIS POST! If you know deep down that you have no clue where your mycelium teachers have come from, who grew them and when they were cultivated…. DO NOT READ THIS POST.

Also, if you are someone who feels that retreats are B.S., therapy doesn’t work and you’re planning to get your own mushrooms because “you’re your own healer”…. DO NOT READ THIS POST.

Lemon Tekking is recommended for those who grow their own and for those who are therapists and practitioners who are looking to boost the experience for their clients and make the process go smoother.

This technique involves soaking mushrooms in lemon juice and although there is very little scientific evidence to support these claims, anecdotal evidence has been surprisingly strong.

The idea is that the lemon juice breaks didn’t the active compounds similar to the way your digestive system would, eliminating the need for your body to do all the work which reduces nausea, body load and other uncomfortable side effects of macrodosing.

This is not recommended for beginners or anyone looking to “tryp ballz dood” especially because this technique can increase potency by 50% and the onset of the medicine can take effect much more suddenly and intensely.

If you do not have a connection to plant spirits, plan on creating a ceremonial space to ritualize this process or have respect for the process, consider something else altogether.

But with that being said, who doesn’t want a more enjoyable, faster and deeper journey?

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