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The AstroMedium: Venus in Pisces 2022

In the past several months, our relationships have been tested, restructured & frailties in our connections unearthed as well as energetic bonds made stronger through the experimentation of freedom where boundaries have been made crystal clear.

On April 5th, Venus transcends the nearly 5-month restriction and tension she endured as she fell prey to the harsh influences of several major planetary forces and enters dreamy and imaginative Pisces, lifting our hearts into 5D consciousness and moving our love for others into unified exaltation.

Venus rules pleasure-seeking, self-indulgent Taurus but she is exalted in the sign of Pisces, allowing her to emanate her heart connecting energy in all of its infinite expressions, easing up on the tensions within our relationships.

Venus in Pisces is very romantic and creative and usually people with this placement have very compassionate hearts and a super-psychic sense that allows them to know what their loved ones need without them having to say it.

However, this very placement does have a tendency to over-idealize partnerships to the point of delusion and many natives with this specific energy signature tend to have paranoia and trust issues within all relationships as a result of being taken advantage of due to their inability to see through the smoke and mirrors of deception.

Venus in Pisces will dissolve boundaries in partnerships which are set in place for a reason so notice when you are moving in too deeply, too quickly and when you are having a hard time distinguishing which emotion is your own and what thoughts are theirs?

Pisces energies de-crystallize the 3D program of seperation and while this allows for even more powerfully connected relationships, it can lead to emotional and energetic enmeshment which finds people using their relationship to escape their own pain or personal sense of destiny. This will only increase as Venus forms an exact conjunction to Piscean ruler itself, Neptune, on April 27th.

This is an excellent time to relax with friends, work on a shorty story or poem, make music as a means of open your heart or escaping through heart centered connections & working with plant medicines such as sassafras, kanna and cacao that assist in the heart opening process.

Venus will be activating the 8th & 9th houses of my natal chart during her stay in Pisces. Which house is she activating for you? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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