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The AstroMedium: Venus in Cancer 2022

Today, July 17th, Venus leaves behind the social butterfly effect that is Gemini and enters Cancer, settling this Venus energy down quite a bit, allowing for our emotional bonds to reach deeper and take root.

You may notice a tendency toward emotional manipulation while Venus moves through Cancer as we seek to nurture the other as a subconscious ploy to receive protection & security in return in exchange for our almost “motherly” love that we begin to feel toward those we care about the most.

Although Venus in Cancer may be so psychically attuned to the needs of the others within a tight friend group or, more specifically, a family unit that it causes weakened boundaries and emotional depletion, it also has the ability to strengthen bonds between you and them by allowing us to form deeper attachments as well as reshape our value systems to include our devotion & loyalty to those we consider family.

This is also a time to pay close attention to the way you formulate your own sense of self-worth based on the feeling of emotional security and protection you feel within your life at this time.

Whether it’s blood or a chosen family, this idea of needing others and yearning for a sense of safety and unconditional support is as primal as it gets for us as human beings and it is truly a foundational piece in the trajectory of your success financially and emotionally at this time.

Do you feel safe within your own body? Do you only feel worthy when you’re needed by others? Do you value comfort and security over growth? These are all excellent questions that you can ask yourself during this time especially if you’re looking to change your value systems and relationship with money.

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