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You know that friend that always has to be in a relationship? You know…. The same one who has a passion for design, fashion or make-up? They may just have Venus in Libra! 💖

On August 16th, Venus leaves behind the modest, selfless and practical, Virgo, and confidently dances into her home sign of Libra! Look at your natal chart and locate where Libra is and the house or houses that Libra is residing over is the area(s) of life that you will taking more pleasure and experiencing more beauty in during this time.

Venus rules both Libra and Taurus and while Taurus expresses the more physically sensual and self-pleasuring side of Venus’ energy, Libra brings out a more flirty, partner oriented flavor and brings our awareness to the mind, coloring the way we see beauty in the world and brings aesthetics and appearances into sharper focus.

Venus does not rule relationships. Period. She rules how you operate with in ALL relationships but she also rules value (Taurus: self-worth + money) and Libra (harmony + time spent with others).

Venus in Libra can give people an open but somewhat superficial relational style and that doesn’t mean their love is fake, it’s just that Libra is all about appearances.

This is also not to imply vanity but more a strong appreciation in the way things appear to be and for them they want everything to beautiful. They do this even to the point of over-idealizing or romanticizing others to, not only keep the peace, but because they really do see the beauty first.

This is a time where we may be more focused on others and only seeing the surface aspect of all things but this is an excellent time to buy new clothes, change your hair style, go on dates and really feel the love.

Peace and love and harmony

all up in here 💖✌🏽

There must be some Libra

in the atmosphere ♎️✨

Venus is transiting my 3rd + 4th house during her stay in Libra! Which house is she transiting for you?

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