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Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” -Dr. Emmett Brown

On August 19th, Uranus, the revolutionary ruler of Aquarius, stations retrograde and like the true rebel he is, he is the last of the outer planets to embark on his journey backward joining Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.

Uranus is The Great Awakener and he rules over technology, new possibilities and future timelines so as we move through this retrograde, you could say we are actually going “back to the future”.

With all of these planets in retrograde motion, there will be an intense inner transformation and awakening taking place that will move us through profound stages of healing and restructuring from the inside out.

This is the year of Aquarius and as both Aquarian rulers (Saturn + Uranus) are retrograde, they will prepare to rejoin and make their 3rd and final square in late December. The Saturn/Uranus square is the main overall theme of 2021 which will then carry us into 2022 which will actually be a very spiritual year.

Like other outer planets, the retrograde of Uranus is not felt as viscerally as the retrogrades you feel from inner planets such as Mercury, Venus and Mars but this will still lead you to a new discovery within yourself over the course of the next 6 months.

This retrograde will move you into deeper stages of internal chaos as your outdated belief systems, old habits and antiquated paradigms are dismantled and alchemically revolutionized so that you can see this radical change reflected in your life experience in ways you are not expecting….. for your highest good.

Uranus is currently transiting my 10th house in my natal chart! Which house is he currently transiting for you?!

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