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The AstroMedium: SUN ENTERS GEMINI ☀️➡️♊️✨

On May 20th, the Sun propels is forward as he dims his light on the sturdy and stable grounds of Taurus and takes flight into the mental plane. Like that word play? So does Gemini.

As a sun + Mercury in Gemini native myself, I feel most equipped to write about this widely misunderstood energy for, not only have I fully experienced this energetic signature playing out in my life, I also have the gift of using language. Languages interest me and I have even ventured into learning several, which is common amongst strong Gemini placements. However I know just enough of all of these languages to sound like I speak it fluently when I don’t, another trait that Gemini possesses that can be used for “good” or “evil”. Thus the duality this energy offers to us.

Not only do we need duality for communication to occur, we also need dual wavelengths to broadcast on and we must be able to receive what we put out. This is arguably the most gender bending and androgynous of all the zodiac signs. Aquarius might be the cool pansexual, but Gemini is the bisexual.

Gemini thrives on variety and seeks sustenance through ever changing, mental stimulating situations and experiences and their deviant desire for chaos can sometimes lead them to create excitement and stimulation through gossip and saying things out of factuality rather than being sensitive to one’s feelings.

Being an air sign, the mind is the focus and its mutability creates an ever flowing cascade of information and ideas, floating from one topic to another, using multiple words to mean one thing and never ever choosing a side. This openness can drive other more rigid energies insane.

The Sun will be transiting my 11th and 12th houses during his stay in Gemini. Which house is he transiting for you?

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