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The AstroMedium: NEW MOON IN LEO 🌑♌️🦁✨

Picture it. Earth. The year…. 2021. The year of Aquarius. The traditional ruler of Aquarius (Saturn) and the modern ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) square off creating massive and necessary tension in the collective.

We’ve experience a super stellium in Aquarius, a full Mercury retrograde journey in Aquarius, not one but TWO full moons in Aquarius will occur this year back to back. Coincidence? Or cosmic synchronicity? You decide.

The universe is based on tens-ION as I’ve learned from Darshana Patel’s (@unscriptedway) IONATION framework and this master teacher + healer embodies Aquarius energy to the MAX but her sun sign is Leo and to honor my stellium in Leo, let’s talk about the opposite sign of Aquarius and the rising tension that this

Leo season is bringing to this chaotic year.

On August 8th, “coincidentally” the same day as the Lion’s Gate Portal, the sun in Leo forms an exact conjunction to the moon in Leo bringing this year to an epic culmination point. And as fate would have it, guess who is the star of this lunar event? URANUS the ruler of Aquarius).

On top of the intense cosmological alignments and influx of higher dimensional energies ushered in by the 8/8 LGP, the moon makes a tense square to Uranus striking the emotional body like lightning, sending us into an emotional tailspin that will ultimately break us free of old patterns and loops that we’ve previously been unable to escape.

And who better to assist us in this journey into the new age but Chiron, our fearless wounded healer, supporting this moon in all of its glory, helping us to transmute the pain of our past into the power of our future.

Ascension symptoms will increase and activations will be strong. The door is opening, the new world is one step closer, resisting change at this time is futile. Rest, let go, look forward, heal the inner child, and tell the ego that it’s safe to be different.

Follow @the.astromedium on Instagram where you’ll find my New Moon in Leo ritual so you can USE this energy and not let it use YOU! ✨

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