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The AstroMedium: MARS ENTERS VIRGO 🔥➡️ ♍️✨


VIRGO: “What’s the itinerary?”

On July 29th, Mars leaves his comfortable, fiery playground of Leo and enters the practical and cautious sign of Virgo. Mars is not excited for this particular trip through the zodiac although he at least will be getting SOME projects completed unlike his journey into the crab shell a couple months ago.

Mars is designed to be upfront, impulsive, aggressive and forceful and Virgo is designed to NOT be any of those qualities. Mars will be forced to slow his energy a little bit and although not as fast paced as Mars in Gemini, this placement can be just as restless so watch your physical energy and look for where you are holding nervous tension during this time.

While Mars may be weakened some, our projects and passionate pursuits become more tangible and malleable as we seek different ways of approaching our tasks at hand and make extremely careful judgments as to which course of action would be best and this placement has the power to see it through to the end.

That is, if Mars can keep from criticizing his work to death and actually go for it. Mars in Virgo can hold us back if we get stuck in our minds and not in our bodies and we may find ourselves playing it modest and sometimes planning something out to T is necessary but often times, jumping and taking a risk is apart of life and that is not something Virgo is designed to do.

During his star trek through Virgo, Mars will be squaring off with Lilith, Juno and the North Node as well as opposing Neptune and Pallas so don’t push yourself too hard and notice when you may have suppressed anger or rage that needs to be expressed. Mars will also receive incredible support Uranus and Pluto which will help us move in new directions and empower us to get what we truly want.

Mars will be transiting my 2nd and 3rd houses in my natal chart during his stay in Virgo. Which houses is he transiting for you?

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