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The AstroMedium: Leo Season 2022

The sun is activating the 1st house in my natal chart which means it’s all about me right now! Which house is the sun transiting for you?

Today, the sun moves out of the 4th sign of Cancer, leaving behind safety & emotional connection and enters Leo, fueling the flames of our hearts and connecting us back to our joy.

During this time the sun will shine a light on our need for external validation and praise while simultaneously raising the question: “What do I even like to do for fun?” If you’re an adult that has forgotten what you love to do for the pure fucking joy of it, you’re not alone. And it is, dare I say it, the other deadliest pandemic facing modern humans today.

We are out of touch with our hearts and don’t know what we truly seek to manifest due to all of the technological distortion and fractured views of reality that permeate our culture but it’s this Leo season can reignite that inner flame & allow the light to be seen by you.

What does it take to get to this point? Healing is the obvious answer but being activated if also key to longevity and leveling up. Over the next month, our hearts will be activated and the inner child that lives within may come out to play but be prepared for what your inner child has to show you.

Have you ever used inner child exercises to heal?

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