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On May 26th at 7:13am eastern time, the moon in Sagittarius will form an exact opposition (180° angle) to the Sun in Gemini. As with all full moons there is a tension between opposing forces as we are pulled in two different direction consciously and subconsciously but this full moon is also a total lunar eclipse marking the beginning of eclipse season. And if that wasn’t enough, this lunar eclipse is a blood moon eclipse which is pretty rare and we haven’t experienced one since January 2019.

There are so many energies surrounding this lunar event that it’s hard to tell which one will hit you first but one of the biggest key players (no pun intended) is Jupiter in Pisces so this experiences is going to be magnified even more!

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and shortly before the exact opposition point, the moon forms a tense 90° angle square to Jupiter bringing about a tendency to be overly confident, excessive and immoral in your behavior. Luckily for us, Jupiter is so benevolent that THAT’S about as negative as it gets with Jupiter but this could have you making big changes to your life without caring about the consequences. However, Jupiter is in the mystical sign of Pisces so we not only have luck on our side but also higher guidance from spirit, especially since Jupiter will be at 1°11’ of Pisces..... coincidence? I think not.

The asteroids are also assisting us in this radical change that’s occurring, pulling you to heal subconscious beliefs, question where you are putting your energy. Also, with Rahu + Ketu (North + South Node) in the mix, there’s a soul growth test infused into this lunar experience, do you hold on to what is comfortable or do you follow the road less travelled to fulfill your soul contract?

Blood moon eclipses have been fear for millennia as they bring about sudden change and new direction but Sagittarius is the traveler and as a mutable fire sign, this energy supports you in attracting abundance no matter which path you choose to take.

This full moon in Sagittarius is occurring in the 5th house in my natal chart?

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