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The AstroMedium: COSMIC FORECAST (5.30.21-6.5.21) 🔮✨🌦

✨SUNDAY: We start the week off with the moon activating the Saturn/Uranus square so trust your intuition because Neptune is very active as he forms a conjunction to Pallas and this strengthens spiritual connection but the confusing conversation between Venus and Pluto might cause a rift between you and others as you desire intimacy but don’t receive pleasure from it. 🌦

✨MONDAY: This is one of the most beneficial days this week with Mars lending strong support to both Neptune + Pallas to give us more spiritual energy and defense capabilities. The sun joining forces with Rahu aligns you with an idea of purpose that may not actually reflect your true purpose but allows you to move forward with more ease. ☀️

✨TUESDAY: A positive moon ruled day with a foreshadowing of events as Luna joins forces with Jupiter and supports Venus bringing nothing but joy, optimism and connection, activating the trine between Venus and Jupiter two days later.☀️🌈

✨WEDNESDAY: This is where this week gets interesting as the moon in Virgo will square the sun so you may feel tension emotionally and as Chiron receives support from the sun, we have an opportunity to heal the ego and express more empathy. Venus enters Cancer this day and this will deepen our hearts and move us into more nourishing places with loved ones. 🌤

✨THURSDAY: This will be a day thats full of energy, rewards and recognition and with Mars lending support to Lilith, you have the potential to express your authentic bad bytch self with no compromise although Mercury is being confused, Venus and Jupiter are being more abundance in right when we need it! 🌤

✨FRIDAY: This day is a mixed bag. Emotional triggers, putting too much of your energy into things that don’t serve you but the mood of the day is steady, stable and grounded. ⛅️

✨SATURDAY: This will be the most challenging day of the week as Mars opposes Pluto bring intense rage, controlling behavior and power plays and the moon activated this conversation at the same time as Mercury Rx squares Neptune AGAIN! Things are not as they appear to be.

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