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The AstroMedium: COSMIC FORECAST (05/23/21-05/29/21) 🔮✨🌩

Mercury and Venus are joining forces this week just in time for Mercury in Gemini to station RETROGRADE! However Saturn initiates the retrograde motion right out the gate this week and the asteroid goddesses are being activated as well.

✨SUNDAY: You may enjoy some pleasant interactions with others and will be expressing from the heart but be mindful not to take things to the extreme. Tempers may rise and reactions may be quick so take a deep breath and tune in to your intuition. 🌦

✨MONDAY: Relationships of all kinds will be challenged at this time but our long term agreements and partnerships, especially marriages are coming up for review. Are you enjoying your long term partnerships. Also be mindful this day not to make impulsive decisions and to think about your long term goals, even if means sacrificing your short term results. ⛅️

✨TUESDAY: Rahu and Vesta squaring off will be felt weeks before this day but this energy may confuse you into thinking that your purpose is not important or that you don’t care about the causes you once fought for. This is to assist you in searching for more truth. Higher guidance is available to you this day and something may want to come to light to be accepted. 🌦

✨WEDNESDAY: This full moon in Sagittarius is all about change and expansion and although change is on the horizon, be careful not to go overboard and pull your energy back and focus on the big picture. Insomnia, anxiety and irritability are possible. 🌕✨

THURSDAY: This will be a very confusing day as you may feel hypersensitive and ungrounded. Relationships are being challenged and while our hearts are opened, our compassion is more easily taken advantage of. Objects are not as they appear. ⛈

✨FRIDAY: Vesta is yet again in another challenging conversation and this week reveals many insecurities and challenges you to push through your triggers even though you may not feel motivated to do so. This is a day for doing the healing work and processing some heavy shit.

✨SATURDAY: The day we’ve all been waiting for! Mercury stations retrograde! Take a deep breath and listen to your heart, respond if necessary.

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