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The AstroMedium: COSMIC FORECAST (05/16/21-05/22/21) 🔮✨🌩

Mercury, Venus and the Sun are the Stars this week with special guests Chiron and Rahu (North Node) so although this week is calmer, it’s strongly activating your healing, your purpose and shifting your focus to communication on all levels.

✨SUNDAY: 70% chance of trying too hard with relationships with a 90% chance of increased spiritual connection later in the day and scattered feelings of insecurity and frustration. 🌦

✨MONDAY: Another overcast day with an 80% chance of feeling empowered and confident with heavy emotional responses and extreme moods. 🌦

✨TUESDAY: Lots of energy packed into one day with a 100% chance of soul growth through healing as relationships and doing things for enjoyment cause the most alignment. 🌤

✨WEDNESDAY: A fog rolls in that will linger throughout the rest of the week with a 70% chance of re-evaluating relationships and wanting more commitment with scattered feelings of restlessness and tension + aiming too high. ☁️

✨THURSDAY: Another confusing day with lots of highlights and a major shift as Gemini season begins with a 90% chance feeling lost with a 90% chance of breaking free of limitations as we go off alone and blaze a new trail energetically. 🌤

✨FRIDAY: The confusion continues as the fog thickens but luckily Jupiter gives a boost of over-confidence with a 70% chance of emotional empowerment and an 80% chance of hypersensitivity, paranoia and escapism. 🌦

✨SATURDAY: We end on a pretty confusing note with a 90% chance of brain fog and slower processing as psychic abilities are boosted with scattered feelings of purpose and alignment and watch out for unprocessed traumas and emotions to surface for healing. 🌦

Which energies are you most excited for?

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