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The AstroMedium: 4Q MOON IN TAURUS 🌗♉️✨

Everyone is always talking about the full moon (exact opposition of the sun and the moon) and the new moon (exact conjunction between the sun and the moon), but the moon’s journey is an ongoing process and for those of you who are extra sensitive to the phases of the moon (Cancer rising and moon in the 1st house here), we don’t have a choice but to pay attention when the sun and the moon square off!

On July 31st at exactly 9:16am eastern time, the sun in Leo forms and exact square (90 degree angle) to the moon in Taurus. Squares are notorious for being tense and challenging but that doesn’t mean they are BAD.

The 2nd Quarter moon is a building point and a preparation for the heightened emotional tension that the full moon brings into reception but the 4th quarter moon is a final challenge, if you will, to prepare you for releasing and starting a new the following week.

This 4Q moon is strongly influenced by Uranus, who is one of the stars of 2021, and as the moon joins forces with the rebel planet, she automatically squares off with Saturn , activating the Saturn/Uranus square in an electrifying way. Restlessness, boredom and impatience can strike when least expected but Saturn being opposite the sun and Mercury + squaring the moon will cause many insecurities to rise up and our fear of failure, coupled with a rigid view of what’s realistic and what isn’t, can slow down our progress, leaving us feeling unsuccessful in our process.

This moon is in Taurus and at the time of this lunar event, the moon makes a beautiful trine to Venus, the ruler of Taurus, which tells me that this moon is about enjoying your processing (if you choose to) and letting go of what you SHOULD be doing and relaxing into what you love. Change is inevitable and we are on the brink of something huge and new so don’t hold yourself to high standards of productivity when that’s the exact energy loop you’re trying to break free of anyway!

This moon will occur in the 10th house in my natal chart, which house is the 4Q moon activating for YOU?

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