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On April 13th, the Sun in Aries makes an exact Sextile (60 degree angle) to Mars in Gemini. We will feel this energy become available to us on April 10th and it will fade out of reception by the 17th.

As the Sun supports Mars in embodying his divine masculine energy for positive growth, Mars gives the Sun an opportunity to share his light further, reaching past self-doubt and insecurities.

This transit is fast but much needed as our vitality is boosted and our energy flow more physically focused. We have more stamina, more charm, more sexual creative energy to use at our disposal. This gives us the confidence to get what we want because we feel we deserve it and we feel pulled to move toward our desires in conscious ways all the way down to our primal instincts.

Physical energy may need a place to go especially as we will still be recovering from an energetically confusing yet enlivening New Moon in Aries, which is the sign that Mars rules so temperatures run hot but some of us are dying to sweat out the negativity and low self-esteem we’ve been battling with.

This transit is apart of a larger energy signature that is quite challenging and frenetic as seek to find balance between our passionate desires and our vital needs. Juno, the asteroid goddess of marriage and contracts makes an exact opposition to Mars the same day while at the same time receiving massive waves of support from the Sun. This mult-planet conversation will have us making choices about who we are as individual as well as our role as a partner, which can take many forms.

I have Sun at 23 degrees Gemini 12th house and Mars at 11 degrees of Leo 1st house? Not a Sextile but close enough for me to already be feeling this energy! Do you have any Sun/Mars aspects in your natal chart?

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