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On May 23rd, the great disciplinarian stations retrograde and begins his journey backward through Aquarius starting at 13 degrees (my favorite number) and ending up right back at 6 degrees of Aquarius on October 10th where he will enter his retroshade phase.

I was born with Saturn at 6 degrees of Aquarius so 2021 is extra potent for me as I get not one but TWO hits of Saturn Return and with my moon sign being at 6 degrees of Leo, let’s just say between Uranus and Saturn, I’ve been beaten and electrocuted enough and I’m here to collect my reward.

The frequency of Saturn’s retrograde does not envelope your energy field the way that Mercury, Venus and Mars’ retrogrades do as they are your inner planets but his process of retracing steps is definitely realized by us over time in realistic and structurally supportive ways.

During this time you may have themes that pop back up to be revisited around responsibilities that were avoided or experiences that call you back into a lonely, nostalgic place so that you can re-evaluate your experiences from a wiser, more mature vantage point. Saturn’s karmic energy signature could definitely strike down its iron fist as corners that were cut in the past cause a glitch in the matrix and time where you took the easy way out will be transmuted into lessons that are not easily learned.

However, Saturn may be a strict son of a bitch but he finds it necessary to reward you directly the hard work you’ve put in and he helps solidify your efforts in creating a more solid structure out of your real life experience. This is a time where you will get what’s coming to you whether you like it or not but will it teach you a lesson and force you to grow up and let go?

Saturn will be transiting the 7th house in my natal chart during his retrograde journey. Which house is he currently transiting in YOUR natal chart during his retrograde?

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