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Pluto Opposite Lilith 2022-2023 (The AstroMedium)

Are you feeling that inner need to rage or let that shyt go?! Are you noticing the more you try to control your emotions, the more irritable you’re becoming?

When two of the darkest, most destructive forces in astrology oppose each other, there will be blood but the only thing to fear is the fear itself.

Since October 2022, Black Moon Lilith in Cancer has been in a tight opposition with Pluto and although 180 degree angles are challenging, this tension brings accelerated experiences thus faster results.

The result? Well, it’s quite different for everyone but this transit seeks to bring unevolved shadow aspects of yourself to the surface by way of your subconscious mind.

You may be noticing obsessive thoughts triggered by raging mood swings and unstable mental states as fears of being ostracized by the world around you or by those who you love resurface like a bat out of hell.

The collective field is pulling you toward more divine expressions if your energy but what is suppressed must then be EXPRESSED or expelled out of the system like a demon during an exorcism.

As Pluto begins to unearth more of your own abusive tendencies or control issues, you may be provoked or pushed on by others and life experiences that trigger the release of these qualities by way of emotional outburst, impulses toward rage and this energy can alchemically transmuted through vocalization, body work, uninterrupted emotional expression and intentional conflict.

This transit may result in casualties of war but what ever is destroyed during this time will ultimately free you of trauma-ruled subconscious programming allowing you to take your power back and love a life ruled by your higher self rather than your pain.

Are you feeling this energy? Let us know below!

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