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On March 11th, when the moon enters Pisces at 9:44am EST, the new moon in Pisces energy will be activated but this new moon energy is heavily penetrated in Neptunian influences. As the moon forms a conjunction to the sun in Pisces, the will also form a conjunction to Neptune and Venus and Neptune being in his ruling sign, this makes this epic line up even more powerful.

When 3 or more (or 4 or more if the sun and the moon are involved) planets are in the same sign we call this cosmic assembly a STELLIUM. And if you thought the super stellium in Aquarius was powerful, which was activated last month on February 11th during the new moon, 2021 gifts us with another super cosmic board meeting that will take our desires for change and our focus on the future into the higher dimensions where literally ANYTHING is possible.

Although the moon will leave Pisces later in the day on the 13th, this activation will linger especially when Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th to take the moon’s place. And if that wasn’t enough, Pallas, the asteroid of passive resistance, spiritual arts, and diplomatic, strategic problem solving has now entered Pisces as well. And although she is not a planet, she is still in our cosmic energy field and she was also part of the super stellium in Aquarius last month and she plans to execute her plan for world peace now by tuning her station to her higher self and to listen with an open heart.

This pile up of energy will open cosmic gateways to other dimensions and parallel realities and will unify your energy bodies helping become one with source. However, that may not be pleasant for some as Neptunian veils cast illusions and shadows and we may not feel like we are in touch with reality or ability to proceed as usual.

With this much higher consciousness becoming available to us, this is the time to meditate, go in nature, pay attention to your dreams and rest your physical body as our energy may be low and our imaginations on cloud 9.

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