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On March 7th, we start the week of Pisces off strong as Pallas-Athena, the asteroid goddess of masculine femininity and peaceful defensive strategy enters the spiritually connected and highly intuitive fantasyland of Pisces.

Pallas shows us us how resourceful we are in defending ourselves or creating more peace in our lives. This asteroid, like many others, comes with a healing energy and a lot intuitive guidance and wisdom.

Having a spiritual and creative energy as well, Pallas does well in Pisces as this time will allow us to connect in stronger ways to our innate divine feminine in masculine, direct ways while also inducing a state of calm and diplomacy bringing stronger pills toward world peace. We will be dreaming up and channeling new ways to bring harmony to the planet through is useful strategies and more evolved spiritual practices.

As Pisces is ruled by Neptune this making it an ethereal sign with a tendency toward the non-physical realms, this will be a time where our guidance is more aligned with higher self and this Neptunian energy also comes with a veil of illusion where things are not always as they appear. Just like dreams. Cameras, lenses, seeing through to a new world of make believe or capturing something real and re-invoking its energy on film or digitally also gets Pisces energy activated which is why healing techniques that involve visualization and active imagination will be very beneficial at this time and will yield practical results.

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