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On May 25th, the North Node aka Rahu in Gemini (Retrograde) makes an exact square (90 degree angle) to Vesta in Virgo. We will feel this energy become available to us on May 3rd and it will fade out of reception by June 20th.

This dynamic conversation between the forward focused, lunar node of soul growth and the asteroid goddess of devotion and the sacred flame is challenging to say the least. This is one of three major conversations that Vesta is going to have with other planets this week. Chiron and Uranus also exchange energy with the 2nd largest asteroid bringing themes of passion and devotion to center stage.

Vesta is a complex energy as it relates to what you hold sacred which can be an abstract concept to begin with but she also shows us how you devote yourself to a cause and how you focus your energy with purpose. Vesta is closely related to Virgo the Virgin so we can say Vesta feels at home in this sign but this brings out more of the sexual shame and intense needs for purity that can come with her energy.

As the sacred fire that burns within us as a collective, Vesta now prepares to square off with the dragon’s head, but since the north node is our sense of direction and destiny from a soul perspective, this tells me we will feel stifled by this energy as it seeks to align us with more purpose but only through questioning what’s really important to us. We may also have to accept that our path to fulfilling the calling of the soul may not be “clean” and many of us came here to get our hands dirty.

What you may also find is that your path may branch off into several roads that all lead to the same place but offer you a variety of experiences and there will be a part of you searching for the “right” road to take to get you there more efficiently. This energy is just calling for a short detour that will strengthen your sense of purpose in many levels.

Do you have North Node/Vesta aspects in your natal chart?

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