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On April 3rd, Mercury descends from the ethereal realms of Pisces and lands in the fiery battlefields of Aries. Mercury’s short stay in Aries will move him into some important conversations with other planets especially as he receives support from Mars, the ruler of the cardinal fire sign, just days before he joins forces with the Sun as they enter Taurus together.

Mercury in Pisces makes forming ideas more of an abstract art project and although psychic abilities are boosted, the pace of our days and the conversation topics are more ungrounded and spiritually connected.

Mercury in Aries however..... this strengthens the ego and brings our minds back to life! The blood gets pumping to the brain much faster and more efficiently as we become more focused on ourselves and defending our ideas. This egoic narrative is driven by a fiery passion and a childish spirit so don’t be surprised if heated debates and arguments break out.

Although Aries can be combative, he is a cardinal fire sign so Mercury in this heated moment will find himself more confident in his speech and primally aggressive with the way he expresses his ideas.

Generally this is a time where we feel revived in our focus and enraged with excitement as we spring forth into new energies head first.

Mercury is transiting the 9th and 10th houses in my natal chart during his stay in Aries. Which house(s) is Mercury transiting in your chart while he’s in the cardinal fire sign?

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