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MDMA: Evil Drug or Magical Medicine?

Did you know that the use of MDMA in clinically-assisted psychotherapy has revealed a whopping 68% of users with PTSD showed no signs of the disorder after only 4 sessions with this magical molecule?

And that’s not all, this powerful heart-opening medicine has been used for the treatment of anxiety, depression and other trauma-related neurological ailments and works similarly to a plant spirit as it takes on a powerful journey through the opening of the heart and the clearing out of the mind.

This topic is tricky, however, as MDMA is still considered a dangerous “drug” as it is intrinsically linked to its street drug imposter “ecstacy” and most recently it’s even more sly sister “Molly”.

MDMA IS NOT ECSTACY AND MDMA IS NOT MOLLY. There is mdma in both street drugs but think of it this way, if you ate banana this morning, does that make you a banana? So let’s just be clear about what MDMA is and what it isn’t.

Also, MDMA is not legal and we are not advocating or supporting the use or distribution of this MAGICAL, WONDERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING medicine.

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