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On April 9th, Mars in Gemini makes an exact square (90 degree angle) to Neptune in Pisces. We will feel this energy become available to us on March 31st and it will fade out of reception by April 20th.

Mars is fiery and energetic, destroying obstacles and breaking barriers but as he starts some shit with Neptune, these barriers dissolve into thin air before Mars has a chance to strike. Mars plans to take on Neptune using blunt force but his toxic masculine attempts are no match to Big Blue’s fantastical and confusing super powers.

As the god of war squares off with god of the sea, things get surreal and out of sorts, kind of like a dream that keeps going but doesn’t make sense.

Mars represents our physical exertion capabilities and we our primal drive to move forward and pursue our passions. Neptune is the great dissolver, pulling energy into higher states of consciousness and bringing us back to one. Mars is masculine and ego driven so unity is not the goal for Big Red and Neptune’s illusion bring frustration and discord. How can you be physically active and so non-physically involved? It depends on what you’re doing.

However, being lazy and taking it easy is recommended and if you fall prey to the shadow side of this confusing transit you may find yourself lashing out and reacting to things that are more perceptive than objective. If you get out of hand, just put yourself in time out, you’ll need the rest anyway.

Do you have any Mars/Neptune aspects in your natal chart? Let me know! I’m dying to hear, I love Mars and Neptune together.

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