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On April 12th, Juno in Sagittarius stations retrograde and heads backward until she stations direct on August 2nd. This retrograde may show up in subtle ways but over the course of the next 4 months, relationships are put to the test.

Juno, the asteroid Goddess of marriage, commitments and long term partnerships shows an even subtler aspect to your relational abilities. Juno doesn’t rule love, she rules commitment. Her energy calls into balance the partnerships that we enter when we co-habit, co-parent, and form a contractual agreement that we may feel bound, obligated and loyal to. Marriage is one of these contractual relationships but there are many others such as co-parents, co-workers, business partners and roommates.

Juno is already in trouble waters (or fires I should say) as she is in the freedom seeking, open minded Sagittarius and she’s not necessarily thriving in this sign. If that wasn’t enough, she now makes a sharp u-turn and heads backward.

During this time, all relationships that we are committed to with conscious intent will come into sharper focus. This can stir up unresolved issues in partnerships that are not balanced. Maybe one of you is doing more and not getting enough in return. Resentments can build and communication can strain but this is a time where we will reevaluate our current agreements and if solutions can not be found, contracts may expire and relationships may come to an end.

Although turbulent and uncomfortable, sometimes a little heat is needed to move stagnant energy and reawaken a sense of purpose and understanding between two individuals and rest assured, if your partnership last through this melodrama, it will come out the other side stronger and more evolved.

My Juno is in Aquarius in the 7th house conjunct Saturn. 😱😱😱 Which sign and house is YOUR Juno in?

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