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Intuitive Astrology: Sun Trine Lilith

On December 28th, the sun in Capricorn makes an exact trine (120 degree angle) to Lilith in Taurus. We will feel this energy become available to us on December 25th + it will peak on the 28th at 4:31pm EST + it will fade out of reception by January 1st.

The sun is making his powerfully supportive trine to Lilith just a day after his trine to Uranus just days after Mercury made his trines to Uranus + Lilith so it feels to me that we are going to end 2020 on a pretty positive note. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius + Aquarius will rule 2021 in many ways bringing innovation + social justice + new ways of structuring our world + world views. He is the rebel planet after all. But there’s another rebel in our midst.

Lilith is an interesting point in astrology + that’s exactly what she is, a point. Known as “Black moon Lilith”, this is a mathematical point in relation to the earth’s moon where the light of the sun never hits + this is also a rebellious energy to say the least.

Lilith brings with it a witchy + feminine focused energy sort of like if Uranus + Pluto + the moon all had a love child. She’s powerful yet dark + fearless. She speaks out + stands up tall + is not afraid to talk about taboo topics around sex + abuse + trauma.

With Mercury + The Sun both making powerful tribes to both Uranus + Lilith right as we reach the last page of 2020, we are being called to identify with the more rebellious sides of us that values our differences + appreciates our eccentricities + magical powers that we all possess. Moving forward I feel we will become stronger individuals who integrate our light with our darkness breeding mode compassion for our fellow humans + the divine feminine energy in us all.

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