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Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Sextile Neptune (01/01/21)

On January 1st, we start off the year with Mercury in Capricorn making a beautiful Sextile (60 degree angle) to Neptune in Pisces. We will feel this energy become available to us on December 28th-29th + it will peak on the 1st of January + it will fade out of reception by January 5th.

As much as Mercury + Neptune don’t have much in common, they are least get a chance to shake hands every once in a while + a now they get a chance to offer each other some friendly advice. Mercury encourages Neptune to share his fantasies + dreams + higher awareness with his friends + the world while Neptune asks Mercury to slow down + process information without compartmentalizing it + trying to make sense of it.

Isn’t that what squashes our inspired ideas from reaching the page or the canvas: analyzing + trying to make it mean something. This transit is very ethereal so if you are more grounded + rooted in an emotional state that is lower vibrating, you may not feel this energy come in at all but if you tune to this frequency, it can help your mind relax + support you in escaping the dreary details of your life for a short time.

For a psychic medium like myself, this transit will make my job much easier but it will also help to dull your perceptive abilities while increasing your REceptive abilities so enjoy more connecting to music + more channeled art + writing if you are inspired to do so.

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