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Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Cancer

On December 29th at 10:29pm est, the moon in Cancer makes an exact opposition (180 degree angle to the moon in Cancer + we will feel this energy become available to us on December 25th + it will fade out of reception by January 3rd.

As 2020 finally comes to a close, we will experience our 2nd full moon in the cardinal water sign of Cancer and this one will be EPIC!

The cardinal signs RULED 2020! Mars in Aries for 6 months, Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn, 2 full moons in Cancer, etc. This year was earth shattering + much needed.

The full moon comes within days of the Sun making a powerful trine to both Uranus + Lilith bringing conscious awareness + acceptance of our unique power + genius individuality but this moon also comes with energies that will try to pull you in 2 different directions.

The moon rules Cancer so Miss Luna is at home in her ruling sign of the crab but as she forms her opposition to the sun in Capricorn, there is a tug of war between taking care of your personal + emotional + relational needs versus driving your energy toward your work + career + responsibilities.

The moon will also be forming a supportive Sextile to Uranus assisting us in breaking old patterns + creating something new but she will also be forming a tense square to Chiron bringing vulnerability + insecurities to the surface to be healed.

Cancer is the 4th sign + ruler of the 4th house + family + ancestry + safety + comfort is of the essence + we are being assisted by our loved ones in spirit + our entire genetic line to heal + clear all the old densities + traumas that stop here with us!

Performing a ritual is a powerful way to invoke spirit + use the power of your intention to release what is no longer serving you + renurture your inner child + renew your spirit as we head into the year of Aquarius.

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