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Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon in Leo


On January 28th, the Moon in Leo makes an exact opposition (180 degree angle) to the Sun in Aquarius which is energetically powerful and dramatic all on its own but this full moon comes with larger than life energies and intense passion.

The Sun in Aquarius just so happens to join forces with Jupiter forming an exact conjunction on this very day just 4 days after he joined forces with Saturn so the moon is not only forming a powerful opposition to the Sun but to Jupiter and Saturn as well which can bring pessimism, low moods, isolation and loneliness.

This can be of service to us because we will need alone time on this day to process intense emotions and feelings in the body. Insomnia, anxiety, anger, rapid heart beat and impulsiveness will be strong so some kind of movement or exercise will greatly help.

The Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are all forming tense squares to Uranus who just so happens to still be joined up with Mars and Mars and Uranus are really the disrupters causing conflict as the moon is also forming tense squares to the two of them at the time of this full moon. This can lead to outbursts, lashing out in anger, aggressive reactions and lots of subconscious ego shit to come through.

Leo rules the heart so this is a full moon around what we love and how we take enjoyment in things and while the moon is pulling us toward feeling validated, seen, and accepted, the Sun is wanting us to see ourselves as unique individuals as part of a greater whole so we may feel pulled in two directions.

And if that wasn’t enough, Venus forms her conjunction to Pluto on the same day taking the heart to extremely intense depths and relationship issues may surface during this moon that will call for examination leaving us permanently transformed.

Underneath all of the chaos, the moon is also forming a trine to Chiron which gives this moon magical healing powers focusing mostly on your inner child and finally let those little people be seen and validated.

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