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A friend of mine referred me to Chrystopher and even though I heard good things, I'm just a very skeptical person in general.  On top of an insanely accurate astrology reading, he connected to my best friend who passed away and he described her perfectly and even knew that she was transgender! This dude is the real deal!

David W. (Denver, CO)

Chrystopher is an exceptional medium and psychic. In my very first reading with him, he unlocked the missing piece of the puzzle of my childhood that I couldn't access due to the deep emotional trauma it caused.  He gave me the information I needed to heal that child within me.  Truly, it was a gift.  Thank you Chrystopher for helping me forgive and finally release what has been kept hidden in my heart.

Lori P. (Sedona, AZ)

I am truly amazed.  I've been to several psychics in my life but Chrystopher knew things about me that NO ONE knows. My sister-in-law passed two weeks before my reading and she was the first one to come through and I felt like she was in the room with me!  And he knew my daughter's name!  Im a believer!

Heather S. (Atlanta, GA)

I did not believe in psychics and mediums and stuff like that but after going through losing both of my parents in the same year, my sister told me about you.  I went in a skeptic and when you told me something only my mom would know, I instantly knew it was real.  I got answers to things I thought I never would and I don't really know where to go next but I believe they're with me now and I will definitely be coming back.  I also came off my depression meds just like you said and I feel like myself again.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Alex W. (Dallas, TX)

I am psychic and a small business owner and I have had more readings than I can count and Chrystopher is the only reader who has been able to give me an astrology reading that was not only specific but so true to me. I had questions about expanding my business and I followed his advice to a T and now I can't keep up with the demand. Just amazing.  Thanks Chrystopher.

Ellie M. (Duluth, GA)

I have never believed in mediums & psychics, everyone who knows me knows this.  The more you kept talking the more I kept thinking of a dear friend.  You quickly started giving me very detailed information of her looks, of the age she died, her daughter, and a guilt that I had been carrying.  You even gave me numbers which were her age when she was murdered and the date that she passed which is also my daughter's birthday!  And when you mentioned her chest, I knew it was her.  Chrystopher, you changed my life that night in just a few minutes.  I never imagined that I would receive such a special gift.  Thank you!

Reggi W. (Louisville, KY)

I was the first person Chrystopher ever "read" almost 9 years ago completely by accident.  He connected to my daughter's father and described him perfectly and he was able to help me better understand the emotions and experiences I had been struggling with. That was a difficult time in my life and he helped me regain my sense of empowerment.  Now that he's doing this professionally, I've recommended Chrystopher to all of my friends and can't thank him enough for sharing his gifts with me.

Karah A. (Louisville, KY)

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