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On March 26th, Venus in Aries forms an exact conjunction (zero degree angle) to the Sun in Aries 6 degrees. We will feel this energy become available to us on March 20th and it will fade out of reception by April 4th.

The conjunction between Venus and the Sun occurs once every 9.5 months and this heart opening cycle is part of an even larger energy signature that moves through deeper stages of love and connection through a geometric journey that becomes a fractal in the shaper or a five pointed star.

This synodic cycle called Venus StarPoint is a larger expression of this divine feminine energy and apart of Venus’ broader plan to move us through different stages of relating to our life experience.

At the height of these cycles, the Sun and Venus form their conjunction, infusing their energies and these deeper desires and states of worth come bursting forth into the conscious mind, assisting us in embodying more of who we are through a deeper appreciation of all that we are and have.

This is a joyful time and is extremely heart opening as the heart chakra receives upgrades assisting with a healthier flow of energies from the solar plexus and an increased connection between the heart and the brain, rewiring neural pathways and helping you actualize more self worth. This is also due to the fact that this point takes place in the sign of Aries, bring the “self” and the ego into the conversation and this conjunction is actually a triple conjunction as Chiron joins the party at 8 degrees of Aries. This support from Chiron can open wounds but for the sole purpose of healing them through more value and acceptance of self.

Did you know that you have a Venus StarPoint? My VSP is 8 degrees of Scorpio! What’s your VSP?

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