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On July 21st, Venus takes her final bow in the warm, sunny spotlight of Leo and assumes her role behind the scenes and enters Virgo. (This post employs the IONATION system which is a new framework for a multi-dimensional reality created by Darshana Patel: turnyourion


Although Venus had a lot of fun on stage playing the Lioness, she had difficulties expressing her relating abilities as she was so concerned with getting praise and validation from partners but she now gets to evolve into a deeper level of expressing her love and devotion as her star trek through Virgo will have her focused, particular and loyal AF.

Venus is absolutely how we show love and receive love but she also governs how we take pleasure in life and she rules our value systems. Although Virgo has pretty strict values, she has a hard time letting her hair down and enjoying what she’s doing which makes Venus still feel slightly constricted.

The beauty in this energy is a strong devotion to serve partners selflessly and Venus in Virgo natives desire to be needed and to be the most perfect partners anyone could ask for. However, they also require their loved ones to be perfect as well, being super critical when consistency and perfection are not found. So although less selfish than Leo, she can still hold loved ones to high standards thus being disappointed easily making her just as hyper-sensitive as her less evolved predecessor.

During this time we will be asked to focus in on our lovers and friends and we may find ourselves doing more for others out of strong devotion while at the same time trying to fix people and this rigid approach to creating order and structure may have us too focused in our minds to enjoy the moment at hand.

Venus will be transiting my 2nd and 3rd houses while she’s in Virgo. Which houses is she transiting in your natal chart?

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