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On April 14th, Venus leaves behind the fiery battlefields of Aries and enters the practical, romantic and sensorial world of Taurus.

Venus is too excited to get the fuck up out of the hyper masculine fire pit that is Aries as her feminine, relationship focuses essence is burned up to a crisp. In Aries, she’s passionate and playful but she is hyper focused on herself, leaving the other party to fend for themselves.

Venus is in her domicile in the fixed earth sign as she rules the bull and she now gets to express her energy fully and completely. Libra also rules Venus and you might say “Libra and Taurus are so different, how can Venus rule both of them?”

Well the answer lies in Venus’ misconstrued and understated description that she’s the planet of love and I’m here to tell you she’s not. She’s not even the planet of committed relationships. She is the energy in you that relates to all things that you find value in and put a price tag on. She is the part of you that seeks pleasure and enjoyment and how you see beauty in the world through aesthetic perception and artistic creativity.

Taurus represents the physical side to Venus’ energy and she becomes more grounded and practical, placing importance on material possessions as well as relaxing and enjoying life and all of its luxuries. Comfort and stability are the goal and although Taurus can be selfish and hedonistic, the bull’s Venusian influence inspires romance and sentimentality.

Taurus moves slow and steady so this is a time of increased loyalty and more focus on physical affection and consistent support of loved ones which gives relationships are solid support for growth and longevity.

My Venus is in Leo in the 1st house and Venus is transiting my 10th and 11th houses during her stay in Taurus. Which house(s) is she transiting in your natal chart? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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