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On March 21st, Venus follows the Sun’s lead as she leaves behind the sultry fantasy land of Pisces and bursts forth into Aries. Venus is in the sign that opposes her rulership (Libra) and although her talents lie in relational dynamics, she now has to turn her focus away from them and turn her attention to her ‘self’.

Venus in Aries will feel somewhat volatile and eruptive as we begin to focus more on our own wants and needs and trying to find ways to fulfill them without involving someone else. Boundaries are laid down when Venus travels through Aries as she begins making herself her number one priority. Which is necessary in many ways but where she gains in self love she loses in her awareness of others.

As Venus travels with the Sun and prepares to pass through the great light of the Sun as they form an exact conjunction know as Venus StarPoint. This conjunction lights up our desires and relational pattern and brings to light more desires to experience pleasure and harmony. This StarPoint is in the sign of Aries so self-love is the major energy that will find its way to you if you open and receive it.

Many relationships, including the relationship to material possessions and money, are brought into a higher awareness. The more love is given to self, the less the ego is able to attach to something outside of the ‘self’ and can no longer assign meanings that are based in lack or inadequacy. Period.

Venus will be transiting my 9th and 10th house during her stay in Aries. Which house(s) will she be transiting in your chart?

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