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The AstroMedium: Vesta in Sagittarius

On November 16th, Vesta, the asteroid goddess of devotion and sacred sexuality, leaves behind the intense, watery depths of Scorpio and enters the freedom-oriented, truth seeking Sagittarius.

Vesta in your natal chart shows me where you have a nun-like devotion to a cause, what you hold sacred and holy and how you express or suppress your sexual energy. Vesta can either bring about blocked sacral energies and shame or she is the sacred flame that can transmute that sexual desire into a spiritual calling.

Vesta did well in Scorpio as she is a co-ruler of the fixed water sign, sharing her responsibilities with Pluto and Mars. During the last couple of months, we had the opportunity to transmute sexual energy in powerful ways as well as taking a deeper look at how intimacy plays a role in our passionate pursuits.

As Vesta enters the wildly untamed Sagittarius, her energy is not as focused but her flame still rages with passion but now with a higher purpose. We now will feel stronger in our convictions, holding our beliefs systems + freedom of expression to be sacred and holy and using our spiritual knowledge to move our sacral energy into the upper chakras.

Those with Vesta in Sagittarius can be wildly devoted to expanding consciousness here on earth and spreading awareness about the subjects that they are most passionate about although moving onto new causes often once that impulse has run its course.

During this time, take some time to look at what drives you through devotion? Do you believe in what you are devoted to? Do you believe in something higher than your self? Do you believe in yourself at all? Beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking but they are powerful enough to create a new reality… what do you believe?

My Vesta is in Cancer in the 12th house? What’s your Vesta sign?

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