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The AstroMedium: Vesta Enters Scorpio

On September 20th, the same day as the Full Moon in Pisces, Vesta follows Venus’ lead and trades in her scales for a razor sharp pincher and she plans to go deep!

As Venus entered Scorpio this past week, we upgraded from date night to intensely passionate, vulnerability and the shift can be felt on many levels of our being and as Vesta enters Scorpio, we find ourselves devoted and inVESTed to deeper forms of intimacy, not just relationships in general.

Not only does this ingress occur during the Pisces Full Moon but Vesta is one of the key players in this upcoming lunar event, forming a confusing quincunx (150 degree angle) to the moon at that time.

Vesta is the asteroid goddess of devotion on deep levels regardless of what sign she is in and she is the energy of what we hold sacred and holy and how we express or suppress our divine sexual energy.

The asteroids offer us a more refined extension of other broader energies in our charts which reveal subtle nuances that seemingly fall through the cracks when they are left out of the bigger picture.

As for Vesta, she is a little bit of Mars with a little bit of Virgo and a sprinkle of Venus on top as your Vesta sign and house placement show how you devote yourself to things you care deeply about and what fans the flames of your deepest passions.

Vesta in Scorpio is a fiercely devoted placement with its own challenges as we may find during this time that shame around sex and our sexuality come to the surface and we may try to suppress these intense desires.

We could also find ourselves becoming obsessed with certain relationships and people as both Venus and Vesta express scorpionic themes. Watch where you are putting your energy and be mindful that your passion doesn’t turn into unhealthy obsession and forgive yourself when you have desires that are more intense than you are comfortable with.

My Vesta sign is in Cancer in the 12th house! What’s your Vesta sign and house placement?!

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