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The AstroMedium: VESTA ENTERS LIBRA 🔥 ♎️

On July 19th, Vesta leaves behind her comfortable virginal zone of Virgo and enters social and partner oriented Libra.

Vesta is the 4th asteroid discovered and named and her energy is harder to understand than the other asteroids. Vesta was known in Ancient Rome as “the sacred flame” and as long as the flame was burning, Rome was protected. Her energy, in astrology, represents what you hold most sacred, how you devote yourself to your passions and how you express your divine sexual energy OR how you suppress it!

With Vesta in Libra, we will find that we are devoting more of ourselves to group projects and other people which has its communal benefits and social delights but the shadow side can be that we are giving our power away and expressing our devotion through the experience of others and not fully realizing it for ourselves.

This can also cause issues in intimate and sexual partnerships because even though we feel more devoted to our significant others and hold relationships more sacred in our hearts, we are less likely to go deep (no pun intended) and truly fan that sacred sexual flame which can unite us at extra-dimensional levels. We may be more focused on pleading rather than being pleased and keeping the peace doesn’t not flow in harmony with the smoldering sacral energy that yearns to be expressed.

Vesta will be transiting my 3rd and 4th houses in my natal chart while she’s in Libra. Which house(s) is she transiting for you?

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