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The AstroMedium: Venus StarPoint 2022

As we move through the opening act of 2022, the general tone is of caution and apprehension, which seems to fit the bill having multiple key players in the sign of Capricorn at this time.

The strongest astrological themes that are playing out in the collective are around relationships and what truly matters. Capricorn energies urge us to get real and focus on the long term so Venus spending her entire retrograde through the resourceful cardinal earth sign is important to how the rest of this year will play out.

2022 will call for you to maintain your faith but also to approach your life with more maturity especially within your relationships.

Apart of the Venus retrograde cycle includes a moment where the Sun & Venus line up and form a superior conjunction we call “Venus StarPoint”.

These conjunctions between the Sun & Venus happen at the precise points of a sacred geometrical pentagram that Venus’ orbit makes in an 8-year synodic cycle.

During these cycles, Venus creates a 5-pointed star in our solar system that is perfectly symmetrical. Because Venus not only rules love but the concept of value as well, this cycle moves us through time into deeper stages of love and connection as your appreciation for that which matters to you, opens your heart and refines your desires.

This cycle includes the Venus retrograde experience which is where we take a look back, re-evaluate and restructure (Capricorn) who is in our lives and how much time we are giving them.

It’s about growth. With Venus StarPoint in Capricorn, your heart chakra awakens to new levels of boundaries and strength is created through the conservation of heart based energy, learning to use it in more logical and efficient ways.

This is a time of aligning with your true desires, with what makes you feel good, and what brings you pleasure.

This Venus StarPoint is happening in the 6th house of my natal chart. Which house is this celestial event activating for you?

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