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The AstroMedium: Venus Retroshade 2022

Did your ex pop up out of nowhere recently or did that one friend you no longer speak to text you out of the blue? I’d love to blame it all on Venus but the fact that Mercury & Venus have been retrograde at the same time is truly what has caused such major revisiting of older themes and unfinished business.

On January 29th, Venus in Capricorn stations direct in enters retro shade the post retrograde shadow period where Venus must retrace her steps back to the point in the zodiac where she was when she began her retrograde cycle. Venus will not be out of the retrograde zone officially until March 2 when she reaches 26° & 29 minutes of Capricorn.

Over the past month or so, you may have noticed certain relationship dynamics coming to the surface that called for your attention in several ways. Many of you are experiencing strong feelings of loneliness at this time as you come face to face with the harsh reality that your friends are no longer a vibrational match to you as you progress to the next level.

Although Venus retrograde affects all relationships, this retrograde specifically focused more on committed partnerships such as marriages and business partners as Juno was also in the Capricorn mix!

This Venus retrograde was about maturing us and restructuring our value systems to reflect a more stable and disciplined version of ourselves and now that we are entering retroshade, we now get the chance to cool off and reflect.

Much of what this retrograde stimulated is still bouncing around on the inside but over the next month, start putting these new long term plans into action with the help of Mars, currently exalted in Capricorn, and start taking the steps toward approaching relationships in a more mature way and let go of those who no longer serve you with love.

I had an ex-boyfriend who text me after 10 years and an ex-best friend reach out to me after 3 years during this retrograde. Did you have any exes pop back up?

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