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The AstroMedium: Venus Retrograde 2021

On December 19th, shortly after the galactic full moon in Gemini occurs and just hours shy of when Chiron stations direct, Venus in Capricorn stations retrograde and begins her journey backward.

Venus in Capricorn may not be the most affectionate placement as she places more value on commitment and stability than on romance and adoration but this energy helps us to get clear about where want our partnerships to go in the long term and also allows us the chance to be more strategic with our finances.

When Venus stations retrograde and journeys back we begin to focus on our desires from a new vantage point. What’s important to you? What do you enjoy doing? You ask yourself these questions as issues in relationships that have been be so quietly lying dormant come rushing to the surface forcing you to confront these conflicts head on.

Venus in Capricorn already allows you to be more conservative with love and about who you are giving your energy to but this retrograde calls for a true Capricorn-style board meeting and some people aren’t going to make the cut.

People from your past may pop back up again to allow for some new realization, resolution and closure and new karmic relationships may be activated at this time so pay close attention to who comes into your experience.

With Capricorn energy, the lesson here is about maturity and graduating you to the next level. Before you can step up into your power, you must assemble a team of grown-ass people who support you like a sturdy foundation and not everyone has what it takes to hold you up.

However, many people are ready to commit to you and step up to the plate but are you ready to give the same in return. Take some time to think about where you can show up stronger in your energy and where you can support someone you love in reaching their goals.

Venus will ge transiting my 6th and 7th houses during her retrograde in Capricorn. Which houses is she transiting for you?

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