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The AstroMedium: Venus Enters Scorpio

On September 10th, just days after she’s squares off with Pluto, Venus enters the sign that the lord of the underworld rules, Scorpio. Let’s just say that the flowery wonderland which is Venus in Libra has officially died. But a rebirth is taking place at the deepest levels of our heart chakras.

Venus was on top of the world during her stay in Libra as she was able to fully express her superficial, flirty and beautiful energy and it wasn’t until she came into a tense square (90 degree angle) to Pluto around the time of the new moon in Virgo did we begin to lose the rose colored perspective.

Venus must now go deep and

her romantic fascination turns to obsession as she skates through the icy underworld of Scorpio, intensifying our desires and revealing vulnerabilities in relationships that were missed by skimming the surface in the past few months. Passion is fiery but ice can burn too and as a fixed water sign, Scorpio can deliver a sting so cryogenically powerful that it breaks you into pieces if you’re not careful.

Emotional maturity and true intimacy are called forth by this ingress and while Venus can become overly possessive and controlling in this sign, she ultimately bonds to others at the deepest levels of her soul and we can experience levels of love that truly make the human experience worth while.

During her journey through the fixed water sign, she will have many conversations with other planets that will challenge our past limitations as well as help us get real about what we truly want and desire. We also will have a time where we will be called to connect in the deepest, most spiritual ways and our hearts will open and blockages will be released.

Venus will be transiting my 5th house while in Scorpio. Which houses will she be transiting for you?

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