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The AstroMedium: Venus Enters Sagittarius

On October 7th, Venus continues her cosmic journey as she evolves from intensely loyal and intimate, Scorpio, to wild and flirtatious, Sagittarius. Find which house Sagittarius rules in your natal chart and this is us the area of life where Venus is bringing in more pleasure for you and connection for you!

While moving through Scorpio, our connections to others deepened and our pleasures turned erotic (which doesn’t always indicate sex). Our relationships benefited from an emotional depth that is often lacking in our partnerships as we experienced more vulnerability and intimacy.

However, in Sagittarius, we find ourselves loosening our grips on others and seeing our relationships from a higher perspective. We will feel less attached and more intrigued as other people peak our curiosity and we seek to know them for their ideals and philosophies rather than giving us a sense of security.

Venus in Sagittarius natives are notoriously freedom oriented and thus does not indicate infidelity or a “bad friend” but rather someone who enjoys their time with others when it’s enjoyable and they have no issue leaving or wandering off when their hearts call them toward broader horizons.

Money could be an issue as Venus travels through the mutable fire sign but luckily for us, Jupiter rules the energy of the centaur bestowing good fortune and a wealth of abundance so may just get lucky this Venus in Sag season!

The biggest gift this ingress gives to us is the ability to love others from afar, being able to withdraw from others without attachment or expectation and the wisdom to return to them when the time is right! This is also an excellent time for vacations and road trips with friends and lovers so pack up the car, buy the ticket and share a memorable experience with the ones you love while the cosmic weather is just right!

Venus is transiting my 5th and 6th house during her stay in Sagittarius, which house is she transiting for you? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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