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The AstroMedium: Mercury Enters Libra

On August 30th, Mercury leaves his home sign of Virgo and prepares to get all pretty in pink as he joins Venus and enters Libra!! Although not quite as PERFECT for him as Virgo, Mercury performs pretty well in the cardinal air sign.

Mercury is quick and sprite-like, flitting from one sign to the next in the blink of an eye but Mercury will be taking his time in Libra as he prepares to spend his 3rd and final retrograde (in its entirety) in this part of the zodiac.

This year has had us focusing on ourselves and our future in radical ways but as 2021 progressed, we found ourselves having to focus on relationship dynamics as Juno in Sagittarius opposed the North Node, Ceres and Lilith so Mercury being in Libra for 2 and a half months will have us revisiting old relationships patterns in a last ditch effort to resolve them once and for all.

This can seem “fair enough” as Libra would say but this will be no easy feat as we rack our brains weighing the pros and cons and finding ourselves perpetually stuck in indecision with little progress being made UNLESS….. we ask for support from others.

On the journey through the zodiac, Libra represents the transition from self to partner orientation and as the sign wants to balance the energies between two separate, yet equal parts, there is also a tendency to want harmony and peace at all times.

To resolve these issues however, we will need to move through conflict head on which will be challenged even more as Mars also transits through Libra for a vast majority of this time.

Overall, this will be a social, flirty and beautiful time if we can look beyond the superficial appearance and face the real truth of any misunderstandings head on.

This is an excellent time to start new creative projects, redecorate your home, change up your social media aesthetic + fashion and enjoy more luck with dating.

Mercury will be transiting my 3rd and 4th houses while in Libra. Which house(s) is he transiting for you?! Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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