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The AstroMedium: VENUS ENTERS GEMINI 💖➡️♊️

On May 8th, Venus leaves behind the grounded, sensual sign of her ruler ship and follows Mercury’s lead and takes flight into Gemini. You want to look at which house(s) Gemini rules in your natal chart. This is the area of life that Venus is sensualizing for you and she is bringing themes of giving, receiving and pleasure to that part of your life experience.

Venus was at home in her ruling sign of Taurus and while she gets to spread her wings and discover duality, she was comfortable and secure as the bull. Her pleasure and appreciation last long and steady in Taurus, increasing indulgence and romance but as she splits in two she becomes more curious and her attention span shortens in chaotic ways.

While Venus does not perform at optimum speed in Gemini, she is definitely more fun! She’s flirty, chatty, and interested in both sexes. Variety is her end game and she loves to learn about her partners and have them figured out. Communication and understanding is extremely important for the Venus in Gemini native and being free to come in and out of love and appreciation is just the nature of Venus when she plays the twins.

This is a very social Venus so we may find at this time that we are over spending, ignoring obligations and duties and not being consistent with our loved ones but having a variety of new experiences which keep the connection interesting.

Venus is transiting my 11th and 12th houses during her stay in Gemini. Which house(s) is she transiting for you?

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