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The AstroMedium: VENUS ENTERS CANCER 💗➡️♋️

On June 2nd, Venus pulls in her scattered energy and trades her butterfly wings for a strong yet sensitive shell that is both hard and protective as well as warm and sensitive. Venus has spent the last few weeks out and about, flitting around from flower to flower, enjoying a variety of different people, pleasures and even personalities but now she must get out of her head and go home.

So many new experiences were had while Venus pranced ever so swiftly through Gemini but as she transitions into Cancer, she becomes more mature but, at the same time, more sensitive. This is not to be mistaken for weakness, no no. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, exuding strong leadership qualities with the innate ability to protect and nurture and where Cancer lacks in rational thinking, she makes up for that in emotional intelligence and a super powerful intuition.

This increased sensitivity leaves Venus feeling raw, vulnerable and susceptible to volatility as she enters the sign ruled by the moon so although our compassion for loved ones grows deeper and more intimate, our relationships grow moody and the ebb and flow of our desires phase in and out like a roaring tide.

During this time, if we can tune to our loved ones’ needs without expectation and take pleasure in togetherness and comfort, we will ride this wave smoothly to shore where we can stand proud on the warm sand, bathing in the light of the sun as Venus enters Leo on the 27th. But for now, look for where Cancer is in your chart and this is the house or area of life where we will need to hold something close and allow it to grow like a child in the womb. This is also where you will eventually need to let something go and release comfort for growth.

Venus will be transiting my 12th and 1st houses during her stay in Cancer. Which house(s) is she transiting for you?

The gorgeous depiction of Cancer was created by the incredible Tati Moons

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