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The AstroMedium: URANUS OPPOSITION ⚡️🧪 ✨

You know those men who reach their early forties and cheat on their wives, buy a motorcycle and pretend to be “young again”? What about those women who leave their husbands and quit their jobs at the office to “find themselves” like Julia Robert’s in “Eat. Pray. Love.”? This is a classic case of the notorious “mid-life crisis” but what the hell even IS a mid-life crisis and why do we go through this?

Mid-life crisis is a well-known concept in the world we live in today but we may just think that the pressures of aging and society lead us to a break down at some point but what is actually happening is that a series of planetary transits are causing a breakTHROUGH of electrical proportions. The most infamous and radically transformative of these planetary shifts come from none-other than the rebel himself, Uranus, the great awakener, the keeper of kundalini energy and the revolutionary ruler of Aquarius.

Because of the elliptical orbit of Uranus, this cosmic strike of lightning doesn’t occur for all of us at the exact same time but between the ages of 38 and 44, Uranus will form an exact opposition (180 degree angle) to where he was when you were born and this tense aspect triggers massive changes to occur from the psyche down to the energetic structure of the physical body.

Not only does this create massive amounts of sudden internal chaos and restlessness but it also creates a sense of urgency and the feeling that life is passing you buy and that you’re getting old. Uranus is all about awakening you to something new and unconventional and according to the proven theories of the great astrologer and author, Barbara Hand Clow, Uranus not only is the reason we experience a crisis at mid-life, but this energy triggers kundalini rising, leading to break through a from the lower chakras into the upper ones, moving us into higher states of conscious awareness and a stronger possibility for living life authentic to who we truly are.

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