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On August 22nd, the sun will leave behind his home sign of Leo and enter the grounded and reliable sign of Virgo and this means it’s time to quit playing games and start fixing your life up!

The sun was shining it’s brightest in Leo but this Leo season brought us two full moons in Aquarius, and INSANELY powerful new moon in Leo/ Lion’s Gate Portal, some challenging transits and quite a few temper tantrums so although I have a Leo stellium and I absolutely “rock that pride”, I am beyond looking forward to the ‘order out of chaos’ that is Virgo the Virgin.

Virgo may not be as exciting or flashy as Leo, but the virginal archetype that Virgo embodies is not one of waiting until marriage or “closing those legs to married men” but more a sense of true devotion, modesty and self-respect.

The Virgin is a power symbol, not a meek, sex-deprived damsel in distress and this Virgo season you will be called to address what is not currently working and you will feel empowered enough to improve it.

We all know Virgo to be critical, anxious prudish and detached but look passed her lists and planners and you’ll find a powerfully precise and grounded energy that is necessary for our growth at this time.

During the next month we will see the Sun making a square to Lilith, Ceres and the North Node which will keep you from living your purpose if you choose to suppress the raging bitch within but they Sun’s trine to Uranus a week later will find us craving new directions and breaking free of these paradigms.

The Sun will also form squares to Neptune and Pallas shortly before receive an empowering trine from Pluto so while fearlessness and extreme levels of personal power are coming our way, you may find you need to rest and relax and trust your intuition more than ever.

The sun will be lighting up the 2nd and 3rd houses in my natal chart during his star trek through Virgo. Which house is the sun transiting for you?

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